On-demand and growth-focused

Your Fractional Marketer

Do you need to hire full-time?

Your business was once just you.

Maybe it still is. But you’re seeking the next level of growth. You’re ready to tap the expertise needed to get you there.

Yet hiring full-time can be a huge cost and commitment. Your marketing needs may be seasonal or temporary. Or you simply may not be ready for a higher headcount.

As a fractional marketer I help companies grow on a contract basis—on-demand and as-needed.

The skills to help your business grow

marketing strategy

How much should you invest in marketing? What strategies and tactics should you prioritize? How do you know it’s working?

Today’s list of possible marketing tactics seem limitless. Your time and money are not. I can help you devise a strategy that fits your resources and goals. Think of me as the architect for your business’ growth.


marketing Management

Who should you hire to produce video, blog posts, or paid ads? How do you keep agencies accountable? How do you effectively run paid ads?

Marketing requires time and attention that you can’t spare. Think of me as your general contractor who orchestrates specialists while keeping an eye (or two) on the calendar and budget.


How do you assure a potential client that you understand their business needs? How do you present your creative as not just strong but smart?

Your shop’s killer creative earned you the chance to pitch. I can help you win the work by rooting your creativity in a strategy that fits the client’s business.


How do you increase awareness, generate leads, and build your long-term brand at the same time? How do you go beyond paid advertising to build lasting credibility?

As a strong writer well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO) best practices I can help you carve out an unfair share of web search traffic.

Part-time help, full-time expertise

I bring you expertise gained as a full-time marketer at companies ranging from the small and nimble to the established.


Let's Talk

Whether you need marketing help now or are exploring options for the future, I’d love to learn about your business. Drop me a line and let’s talk.


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